Future Electronics’ Video Discusses CUI’s Rugged and Efficient DC-DC Converters

Montreal, Canada – May 30, 2014 – Future Electronics, a global leading distributor of electronic components, has announced the addition of another video in its how-to series on selecting the right electronic components for various applications. A new video, addressing how DC-DC converters from CUI Inc can meet your design needs is now available, along with many more helpful tutorials offered through the company’s YouTube channel.

The video introduces CUI’s low power isolated DC-DC converters, ranging from 1 to 3 watts. To address different line voltage characteristics, CUI’s range of low power converters are available in fixed and wide input voltage ratios. For example, the PDS, PDM, and PEM models offer a fixed input voltage that is ideal when the voltage rail connected to the input is very stable. If, on the other hand, the DC-DC converter is connected to a fluctuating supply, like a battery, a wider input range is required to account for the changing input voltage conditions, and can be addressed with CUI’s PQMC and PQM series which provides a 2:1 input ratio.

Low power DC-DC converters are also commonly implemented to provide isolation in a system. This electrical separation creates a barrier which can be used for safety protection or noise isolation. CUI’s low power DC-DC converters are designed with varying levels of isolation to address the needs of a range of industries and applications, from 1500 Vdc isolation meeting the needs of various industrial, telecom, and consumer equipment, to 3000 Vdc isolation meeting the needs of medical and higher voltage circuits.

CUI’s units are housed in SIP, DIP or SMT packages with industry standard pin configurations. An ultra-wide operating temperature range up to from -40 to +105°C and an encapsulated case make the units ideal for applications that may experience challenging operating conditions. Additionally, the line has been designed to maximize efficiency at light and no load, making the converters well suited for portable and battery-powered equipment.

CUI offers a number of different unregulated DC-DC converter models in 1 and 2 watt configurations. The appropriate series will depend on the required size, package type, and isolation needed. Isolation voltages up to 3000 Vdc are available. Supported input voltages include 3.3, 5, 12, 15, and 24 volts in both single and dual output configurations.

A family of 1 to 3 watt regulated devices is also available with a wider input range. Housed in SIP, DIP, and SMT packages, these models come standard with a range of single and dual output voltage along with a 3000 Vdc isolation option.

As applications find their way into more challenging environments, and customers demand higher efficiency under all operating conditions, power modules need to keep up. No matter the application challenge, CUI’s rugged, efficient, and economical family of low power DC-DC converters can meet all kinds of design needs.

The video about DC-DC converters can be watched by clicking here.

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CUI Inc is a technology company focused on the development and distribution of electronic components. At the leading edge of power supply design, the organization supports customers as they strive to improve the energy efficiency and environmental credentials of their application. The company’s power group is complemented by a portfolio of world-class board level components, consisting of interconnect, sound, motion control and thermal products. An unwavering commitment to create collaborative partnerships with customers and a drive to see that their design project is a success has been a hallmark of CUI’s sustained growth since its founding in 1989.   As a leader in the industry, CUI will continue to invest in the future through new technologies, talented employees, expanded manufacturing capabilities, and a growing global reach.

CUI Inc is a subsidiary of CUI Global, Inc., a publicly traded company whose common stock trades on the NASDAQ Exchange under the symbol CUI.

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