Future Electronics Announces Pre-ordering of Nebula IoT Development Kit with Cypress Semiconductor and Murata

Montreal, Canada – August 21, 2017 – Future Electronics, a global leading distributor of electronic components, has announced the launch of their Nebula IoT Development Kit with partners Cypress Semiconductor and Murata. Kits will be available to purchase for $99 in September 2017.

The Nebula board is an IoT cloud ready board that allows developers to quickly prototype and deploy their IoT ecosystems. Wireless connectivity is supported by the Murata 1DX module, which is powered by the Cypress CYW4343W Wi-Fi and BT/BLE chipset radio.

The chip includes a 2.4 GHz WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g/n baseband/radio and Bluetooth 4.1 support. In addition, it integrates a power amplifier (PA) that meets the output power requirements of most handheld systems, a low-noise amplifier (LNA) for best-in-class receiver sensitivity, and an internal transmit/receive (iTR) RF switch, further reducing the overall solution cost and printed circuit board area.

The board supports application development through Cypress’ WICED® (Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices) platform.

It is equipped with 4 different interfaces to access the STM32F429 peripherals to enable developers to create any IoT application: ArduinoTM compatible shield, mikroBUSTM socket, PmodTM Connector/Interface and USB. In addition, the Nebula board explores easy hardware expandability through a large number of standardized add-on boards via these connectors. Each one focuses on a different application such as motor controls, sensors and wireless connectivity to enable IoT development. These will also be available to purchase from Future Electronics.

“The Nebula Board is a very exciting global initiative which we believe will provide differentiated and creative wireless solution possibilities to our customers,” said Matthew Rotholz, Vice President of Future Connectivity Solutions. “We are very proud to be to be partnering with both Cypress and Murata as we continue to execute on our IoT strategy.”

The NebulaTM board has been designed for novices and expert developers alike looking to explore the vast opportunities in IoT applications such as asset tracking, energy management, fitness, lighting controls, HVAC, portable controls, security and building automation.

“Cypress is excited about the opportunity to add new partner IoT platforms powered by our all-inclusive WICED SDK to enable rapid development and faster time to market for our customers,” said Michael Fortner, Cypress Regional Marketing. “Based on the very popular CYW4343W-based Murata 1DX Wi-Fi/BT module, the new Future Electronics Nebula platform delivers on this promise.”

To pre-order your Nebula Development Board, please go to:
Nebula IoT Development Board

To find out more information about Cypress products available through Future Electronics, as well as access to the world’s largest available-to-sell inventory, visit: www.FutureElectronics.com

About Cypress
Cypress is the leader in advanced embedded system solutions for the world’s most innovative automotive, industrial, home automation and appliances, consumer electronics and medical products. Cypress’ programmable systems-on-chip, general-purpose microcontrollers, analog ICs, wireless and USB-based connectivity solutions and reliable, high-performance memories help engineers design differentiated products and get them to market first. Cypress is committed to providing customers with the best support and engineering resources on the planet enabling innovators and out-of-the-box thinkers to disrupt markets and create new product categories in record time.

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Future Electronics is a global leader in electronics distribution, ranking 3rd in component sales worldwide, with an impressive reputation for developing efficient, comprehensive global supply chain solutions. Founded in 1968 by Robert Miller, President, Future Electronics has established itself as one of the most innovative organizations in the industry today, with 5,500 employees in 169 offices in 44 countries around the world. Future Electronics is globally integrated, with one worldwide IT infrastructure providing real-time inventory availability and access, while enabling full integration of its operations, sales and marketing worldwide. Offering the highest level of service, the most advanced engineering capabilities and technical solutions through all stages of the design-production cycle, and the largest available-to-sell inventory in the world, Future’s mission is always to Delight the Customer®. For more information, visit www.FutureElectronics.com. 

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