Future Electronics Promotes NCP716 and NCV59748 Voltage Regulators from ON Semiconductor

Montreal, Canada – June 6, 2016 – Future Electronics, a global leading distributor of electronic components founded in 1968 by Robert Miller, recently announced immediate availability of ON Semiconductor’s NCP716 linear voltage regulators and NCV59748 ultra-low dropout voltage regulators.

The NCP716 from ON Semiconductor is an 80 mA LDO linear voltage regulator. It is a very stable and accurate device with ultra−low ground current consumption (4.7 uA over the full output load range) and a wide input voltage range (up to 24 V). The regulator incorporates several protection features such as thermal shutdown and current limiting, short circuit protection. The NCP716 is an ideal choice for portable devices with low standby current requirements.

Typical applications for the NCP716 linear voltage regulator include portable equipment, communication systems, consumer electronics devices, portable medical devices, power supply adapters, industrial sensors, smart energy meters, and home automation.

ON Semiconductor’s NCV59748 is an ultra-low dropout voltage regulator, capable of providing an output current in excess of 1.5 A with a dropout voltage of 60 mV typ. at full load current. The devices are stable with ceramic and any other type of output capacitor ≥ 2.2 µF. This series contains adjustable output voltage version with output voltage down to 0.8 V. Internal protection features consist of built-in thermal shutdown and output current limiting protection. A user-programmable Soft-Start and Power-Good pin is available. The NCV59748 is offered in a DFN10 3×3 package and is AEC qualified, PPAP capable.

Typical applications for the NCV59748 ultra-low dropout voltage regulator include networking and telecommunications, industrial, computing and peripherals, medical, consumer, and automotive markets.

For more information about ON Semiconductor’s NCP716 linear voltage regulator and NCV59748 ultra-low dropout voltage regulator visit www.FutureElectronics.com

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